This method returns events for a specific advertiser. To use this method, you need to pass a specific advertiserId (domain name).

Request Cost: 100 units, Result Cost: 5 units/result

URL Format{api-key}/advertiserEvents/{advertiserId}?eventDate={eventDate}


Parameter Name Meaning Default Value Notes
countryId country filter us e.g. us (See countries)
platformId platform filter (no filtering) e.g. desktop (See platforms) To specify multiple values, separate them by commas (e.g. iPhone,iPad) Currently only desktop is supported for a non-us countryId. Use &platformId=mobile to specify all mobile devices (i.e. android, iphone, ipad, androidtablet)
networkId network filter (no filtering) Restrict search to just one network. (See networks) Use all to return aggregated results across all networks.
publisherId publisher filter (no filtering) Restrict search to just one publisher. Must use publisher’s (or channel’s) domain name. Use all to return aggregated results across all publishers.
eventTypeId event filter (no filtering) Restrict events to just one type. (eventTypeId=all is invalid.)
eventDate target date for event (required) Restrict events to those that occur on the specified date or within the specified date range. Maximum date range span is 8 days. (See date and date range format
eventsPerDay max number of events to return, per event type per day 1 Only the most significant event(s) per day are returned, for each of the different event types. This value must be between 1 and 10.
adMetric Format for ad metric data adImpact Other options: adSpend

Return Fields

Note: The following fields are returned except for certain query parameter filters. (See Response Format)
Field Name Example Notes
countryId us See countries
platformId desktop See platforms
networkId google See networks
publisherId Publisher or channel domain name
eventDate 2012-12-05 Date on which advertiser’s first ad was published (over the past 2 years) Only present when &eventDate is a date range. (See Response Format)
eventTypeId newAd Type of event. (See eventTypes)
adImpactAverage 32392 Average daily ad impact calculated by adImpact730/daysSeen730. Only present for &adMetric=adImpact
adSpendAverage 123 Average daily ad spend (in US dollars). Only present for &adMetric=adSpend
adHash 0a068929819131327e50e05098787e3f Uniquely identifies ad. Only present when eventTypeId=newAd
apiUnits 105 The number of API units consumed by this request.

Usage Example(s)

To get information about the advertiser for the date 2013-02-01 do this:{api-key}/advertiserEvents/

JSON Response

    "statusCode": 200,
    "numHits": 1,
    "hits": [{
        "countryId": "us",
        "publisherId": "",
        "adHash": "d6a02ecea4a4759c2d430302c57c4a3f",
        "networkId": "direct",
        "eventTypeId": "newAd",
        "platformId": "desktop",
        "adImpactAverage": 1460
    "apiUnits": 105,
    "statusMsg": "successful advertiserEvents/ request",
    "requestParameters": {
        "eventDate": "2013-02-01"
    "handler": "advertiserEvents"